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Land Opportunities in Northeast Texas are the best in the United States. Ranches are especially sought after. The climate in this region provides hot sunny summers while also providing enough moisture to keep everything green and lush. Below are links to the various types that may interest you.

Here's a link to our FAQ about Land page as well as our Real Estate Articles page to help answer any questions you may have

Here's a nice property thru Rip England Premier Realty

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Here are Links to other local Counties in our northeast Texas area. Some do not have a MLS System displaying what is available so please either call my Cell, in footer, or Contact Me so I can provide you the professional information you need.

RANCHES can be well established already, or you can buy your own unimproved land and create the ideal ranch for your particular tastes. We have beautifully fenced pastures or just barbed wire fences. Again, depending on your budget and tastes, we can help you find that perfect ranch for the most discerning buyer.

HUNTING is extremely popular here. We have lots of rivers, ponds and streams all through this area to make it very enticing for animals from Ducks to Deer to Wild Boars. The ducks love to land on our rivers, marshlands and ponds. We have plenty of vegetation to keep the deer and boars right here with plenty of natural food and hiding places.

TIMBER is a natural resources that is always in demand. Timbering acreage provides a great opportunity to nurture the land by planting trees in one section, while harvesting mature trees in another. We explain all the values and methods used on our Timber page. Financially, this can be a great way to plan your future investments while enjoying great country living in our vast area.

RECREATIONAL land is a great family and friends way to enjoy life, away from all the stress! We have beautiful tracts of lands with a mixture of grass, trees, ponds, etc. for that person or family that just want to be on some acreage - from small to large tracts. Many of these will be off on small dirt, but well maintain roads. Privacy is what land ownership can be all about here in our corner of Northeast  Texas.

GRAZING for your own animals is extremely popular here. Many people know the importance of good quality meats and having the ability to raise your own animals on your property is a great tradition of the United States. Today's family wants to know where their meats, eggs and dairy products are coming from. What better way than having you own small or large farm for doing just that. Plus, if you have children, what a great way to teach them the responsibilities of raising animals for your own food supply.

Now that you have an idea of what types of Land Opportunities we have in our little corner of Northeast Texas - see why Larry Knight is your Rural Land Specialist!

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