Residential Homes

Residential Homes here in our little corner of Northeast Texas all have that pride of ownership. Even if a house is in need of some maintenance or repairs, the grass is cut and the shrubs are trimmed. Welcome to our little paradise.

We have great people here that enjoy life and living in small towns. People say hello and wish you well. There's a genuine "Quality of Life" here that just inspires old and new residents to take care of each other and keep up their homes.

Where you decide to purchase a residential home will be up to you. We have great opportunities in here. We'll do our best to provide as much research as possible and various links within each area. Once you've made your decision as to "where" you want to live, we can help you find that ideal residential home

Bowie County, Texas Homes for Sale

Texas Residential Homes that we offer are primarily in Bowie County. Bowie County is in the Northeast Corner of Texas. It has Texarkana on the eastern edge with Interstate 30 (Dallas, TX thru to Memphis, TN) providing an excellent highway to travel thru the main parts of the area. Route 82 runs across the northern section of Bowie County and has some great small towns to chose from when thinking about living here.

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