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Your Rural Land Specialist and Dirt Road Realtor is Larry Knight. He knows ranches and what is needed to provide listing details or buyer features for a rural property.

Larry has earned this title as your rural land specialist. He know what it takes to show and sell rural ranch land. How many Realtors do you know that show up for either a Listing Appointment to sell your property or to show a property to a prospective buyer with a trailer and a SIX SEAT ATV behind his truck!?

If it's for a Listing of your property, he'll also pull out his Drone and do several flyovers to get the full "Bird's Eye" view of your land. Within a day of using his drone to capture the full view of your property, he'll have a short video clip showing and featuring your property's highlights! Larry's dedication to his Sellers and Buyers has earned him the title of both Dirt Road Realtor and "Your Rural Land Specialist".

Here's a nice property thru Rip England Premier Realty

Just in case you missed Larry's Bio page, below are the reasons Larry is your Rural Land Specialist!!

Larry's full-time dedication to the real estate market has also provided him great insight as to what your property will actually sell for! We all know we want the best price for our land when we go to sell it. Larry's dedication to this will guide and help you understand what the true value and selling price is for your property. After all, it must Appraise to obtain a Mortgage.

Plus, Buyers have so much information at their Internet fingertips, they can have a true sense of pricing when looking at rural land. 

Any Realtor can "List" your property - Larry knows how to price and promote it so it will sell for the seller and be a fair price for the buyer. Both parties must agree on the price and terms to have an agreement. If the price is honest and fair, you'll have a happy buyer and seller.

This kind of dedication is what helps Larry be your best Realtor - he has first hand experience with both Sellers and Buyers to promote your Listing and/or bring a qualified Buyer to the table!

Please Contact Me for any of your Real Estate Needs - Thanks, Larry Knight

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